Welcome to the Pandora Developer Center

Partner with us to Create

Create apps powered by GraphQL API, accessing our rich catalog of over 30 million tracks, including songs, comedy albums, podcasts, and more. And all of it powered by the analysis of Pandora’s Music Genome Project.

Partner with us to use our GraphQL API

Use Pandora’s GraphQL API to personalize the listening experience using the thumbs up and thumbs down feedback, allowing the creation of dynamic stations for your listeners to enjoy. Use the API to retrieve custom collections such as stations that play favorite songs, favorite artists, or all ‘thumbs up’ mix, among many others. Explore our in-depth documentation and code samples to get up and running building your own application in no time.

Partner with us to Explore

Once approved, the Pandora Developer Center provides a full toolbox to get started:

  • Documentation with sample code snippets,
  • A sample web app to explore
  • The GraphQL Playground where you can test and refine API requests before implementing
  • Access to a dashboard from which to manage your own applications

And your company may also enjoy working with Pandora’s Business Development department which can offer unique marketing and promotional opportunities.